The Advantages and Disadvantages of Custom Application Development

Published: 29th August 2010
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Custom application development is also known as custom software engineering. Different organizations and businesses have different IT requirements. The standards software packages in the market usually have general features and do not fulfill the unique IT requirements of businesses.

The developer looks into the specific requirement of the client and analyzes the existing IT system. The inputs from the client are taken into consideration because they provide the clue to what exactly needs to be done to spruce up the current system. The gap analysis is done to know what is missing from the system, which inhibits it from synchronizing with a new application. The findings are used effectively to create a custom made application that serves the particular requirement of the client.

Custom application development has its own inherent risks because the developer is not completely aware of the post-deployment results. However the risk can be limited to a great extent by following proven web development methodologies. The step-by-step approach might be time consuming but limits the risks. Prototype development helps the vendor to reduce cost of the web application development because he or she can test the prototype and judge whether it will fulfill the client’s requirement or not.

Custom application development is time consuming and at same time costlier than pre-packaged software. Since it requires special efforts and involves research and analysis the cost price, naturally goes up. Besides this custom software is developed at a lesser rate than quite than the pre-packaged software, hence it is more costly. There can also be some deployment issues because it not possible to completely ensure that the web application will always behave normally. The installation and operational issues can arise, and the user needs time to adjust them into the system. Hence a businesses looking for custom applications should very well understand that unavoidable costs and risks may occur while customizing software. But there are some great benefits of custom application development, which dwarf its shortcomings.

The advantages of custom application development are:

1) Provides applications that completely meet the specific requirement of the clients.

2) Provides IT solutions that are not available in the market.

3) Enhances the existing IT system by sprucing up its capabilities.

4) Increases the productivity of the businesses because customized software addresses the underlying problems easily and removes the hurdles that slow the entire process.

5) Empowers the team to solve complex business and technical problems.

6) Provides customized software that is more efficient and has less unneeded functionalities.

7) Reduces the process time and increases productivity, which means an upward pointing ROI graph.

Though custom application development offerings are costly compared to the pre-packaged software available in the software industry, the benefits are long lasting. This cost issue can settled easily if the custom application development is outsourced to professional application development company. Once outsourced, the installation and maintenance of the custom made application becomes the responsibility of the service provider. This means that the clients does not have to pay for the his or her own pocket and thus reduces the running cost of the application considerably and makes it more profitable for the businesses, on a long term basis.

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